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Montessori for the Muslim Homeschooling Family

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

You may have noticed that I often reference the Montessori style of education. I really believe that this style is perfect for Muslim families that are homeschooling! There are tons of resources online to help you understand how the Montessori style works, but I will outline it briefly and explain why I think it is ideal for Muslim families.

The Montessori style focuses on allowing children to learn through playing and choosing their own lessons in a prepared environment. The educator or parent adds toys and activities that they want the child to learn on a shelf or table and leaves those there for children to explore. The parent may demonstrate at times, but most of the learning is led by the child and their interests. For example, if you want your child to learn about adding and sight words, you add toys to the shelf that will allow the child to learn these things.

Montessori also focuses on life skills to teach children how to contribute. Learning independence early allows children to build self confidence, help their parents, understand responsibility, and prepare for self-led learning.

As Muslims, I think it is important to start teaching children the Sunnah early. Many life skills lessons can include demonstrations of following the Sunnah, like eating with the right hand, cleaning up after yourself or putting on the right shoe first. A poster or video reminder can help with this, too!

Another benefit of this teaching style is that you choose what children learn. There is no "set curriculum" so you choose what comes next, using a generic outline as guidance, if you choose. Regular online systems often require children to complete all of the lessons to proceed. With Montessori, you skip the big bang theory, add in a 2nd language or prayer lessons, etc. You literally make it your own!

We use this style every day in our home, even with my 6 year old autistic child. Feel free to ask me questions on how it works for us or share your own experiences!

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